Service level agreement
  1. Inquiry, Order Confirmation

1.1 Inquiry

To request a price quote, you can use various methods of communication based on the client's preferences:

A response to the inquiry will be provided on the following business day. Please note that a response over the phone is not considered a confirmation of the order.

1.2 Order Confirmation

An order is considered properly placed and accepted for execution if:

  1. The client's name and contact information (email, phone, Viber, Whatsapp) are provided.

  2. The starting point of the order, date, time of its commencement, and the number of individuals are specified.

  3. An order for service is considered finally processed after its confirmation by the Client within 24-48 hours before its commencement via Email: or SMS to tel. +372 53738336.

The confirmation of the order is sent through the same communication channel through which the order was inquired. This may include email, SMS messages, website notifications, messaging apps, and other appropriate methods.

Any changes or additions to the order are accepted no later than 72 hours before the start time of the requested service via Email: or SMS to tel. +372 53738336. Otherwise, the Service Provider is not liable for order execution, and the paid funds will not be refunded.

  1. Vehicle requirements

In accordance with the contract concluded between the parties, the following requirements are imposed upon the vehicle:

According to this contract, these requirements form the foundation for the selection and utilisation of the vehicle, aiming to ensure maximum comfort and adherence to the declared standards.

  1. Pricing principle

The price is specified per single vehicle, not per number of passengers. It is independent of the time of day, day of the week, payment method for the transfer, and is calculated based on the distance between the points of departure and destination. 

3.1 Prices include:

3.2 Payment Method

Transfer payment is made after the order is fulfilled using the specified methods (cash payment or bank transfer). If necessary, an invoice can be issued in advance.

4. Additional Passenger Requests Before, During, and After the Transfer

For an additional fee, agreements between the carrier and the passenger can be made for the following:

Both parties agree that all additional services will be provided based on prior agreement and payment, and are subject to compliance with the carrier's policies and rules.

  1. Modification of Transfer Conditions

The client has the right to modify the transfer conditions upon request without the need for carrier approval:

In all other cases, changes to transfer conditions will be subject to carrier approval.

  1. Penalty

In the event that the transfer does not occur due to a breach on the part of the carrier, the client is entitled to compensation as per the following terms:

  1. The client has the right to a refund of 100% of the full cost of the transfer that was not executed due to the carrier's breach.

  2. If the company is unable to provide the vehicle at the scheduled time but the client is willing to wait, the company offers the following: to arrange an alternative solution and compensate for the price difference. As an alternative, a taxi service may be proposed. In such a case, the compensation will amount to the difference between the original cost and the cost of the taxi service.

6.1 Unforeseen Circumstances Related to the Driver/Vehicle Leading to Non-Execution of Transfer Do Not Incur Penalties.

The driver was unable to arrive at the meeting point and execute the transfer according to the booking conditions due to:

  1. Traffic accident (collision): If the driver was involved in a traffic accident and could not reach the meeting point or execute the transfer due to vehicle damage or personal injuries.

  2. Driver injuries/hospitalisation.

  3. Natural disasters: Floods, snowstorms, heavy rainfall, or other natural calamities that make safe and timely execution of the transfer impossible.

  4. Societal events: Military actions, strikes, mass protests, and other public events that hinder or prohibit the driver's movement and execution of the transfer.

  5. Governmental restrictions: Orders from government authorities, such as road closures or other limitations, that might result in the cancellation or alteration of the transfer.

In the event of such unforeseen circumstances, the carrier may propose alternative options, such as a replacement driver or providing alternative transportation. Furthermore, the carrier and the client may agree on additional measures to compensate for any inconveniences that arise.

  1. Compensation

In the event of client non-appearance, the customer pays 100% of the transfer cost.

If the booking is canceled less than 72 hours before the transfer, the customer pays 100% of the booking cost.

  1. Unforeseen Circumstances Leading to Non-Execution of Transfer Due to Passenger's Fault

In the event that the driver arrives at the designated meeting point at the specified time and is ready to execute the transfer under the agreed-upon conditions, the booking is charged at 100%.

Passenger-related factors leading to non-execution of the transfer due to passenger's fault: